It’s fun to keep fit in your later years says class coordinator Jean Lee

Lee Green seniors’ exercise group is a growing, welcoming and fun place to be, it brings the local community together, not only to participate in exercising but also to make new friends.

The class is very diverse in culture and ability including wheelchair users who attend with their carers and I’m told look forward attending each week.

The Group has grown immensely which is great news but unsafe for seniors exercising therefore Shirley and I have decided for safety reasons to split the group into two, first group 10-10.45am and 11-11.45am , which is working very well.

Some thoughts from two of our members:
Mrs Figges:
I must say, it’s just as good now as it was the first day we started! The trouble is, it’s so popular, Jean has had to divide the class into two, the first at 9.30am and the other at 10.30, which is much safer because there is enough room to move about without moving into some other person’s space. So now Jean takes two classes, and everyone is happy! Jean is such a good teacher.

It’s good to have this regular and much-needed exercise class for elderly people so close to home and to meet the same friendly people each week.
The class is well- planned and the exercises make us aware of various aspects of keeping fit: strength, balance, mobility, co-ordination, memory, stamina, stretching etc. The demands of a large class in a limited space made it difficult and unsettled for a while for all of us. A smaller group now means there are no longer any interruptions, the teacher can observe properly and everyone’s needs can be catered for. I feel the teacher knows us well, recognises our individual capabilities and can offer encouragement when energies are flagging! Reliable and knowledgeable teaching and genuine warmth and friendliness make this a very happy and worthwhile class.