Some 16 local community groups and organisations work together under the banner “Our community, our say” to promote their work and support each other’s activities while making sure their voices are heard. It was created and supported by Lee Green Local Assembly in November 2016 in recognition of the need to build a network that would enable local groups to support and complement each other’s efforts in meeting growing local need in the face of public sector cuts.

Facilitated by Lee Green Lives, the groups’ activities in the past year included a Volunteers’ Get-together attended by over 60 people on 11 November 2017, held at Lochaber Hall, celebrating the work of local volunteers at a buffet-style meal, (superbly catered by our volunteer chef, Anwar Ghazali) with music and a raffle featuring prizes of free meals and other services from local businesses.

We also organised the Assembly’s third annual Showcase, held at Manor House Gardens Festival on 23 June 2018, promoting the work of member groups, and have supported the Assembly’s website (

Members of the Consortium:

Friends of Manor House Gardens; Lee Green Lives; Lee Manor Society; Users and Friends of Manor House Library; Friends and Users of Staplehurst Shops (FUSS); Lee Fair Share Time Bank; Lee Forum; Lee Green Open Studios; Lee Green Women’s Institute; Lee Manor Community Garden; Lee Oasis; Lochaber Hall Association; Manor House Library; Manor Park Friends; Newstead Tenants and Residents Association; 1st Lee South (Our Lady of Lourdes) Brownies; Soul Refresh Cafe