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Our ‘Mission Statement’ was drawn up in activities and discussions by users, volunteers, workers and trustees to put into words the values we all feel the Community Centre should be about.

Our vision
Our vision is for a safer, stronger and more cohesive community with opportunities for self-development and growth accessible to all.

Our mission
We aim to offer opportunities, advice and support for local people to work, play, think and learn together, and to address economic and social disadvantage for mutual benefit, health and well-being.

Our goals
To provide activities for the benefit of local people, especially the elderly, young people and people experiencing social or economic disadvantage with a focus on wellbeing, health, mental health, learning and opportunities to socialise.


Members of the Trustees of Lee Green Lives

Laura Cheek

Pat Coyne, Chair

Simon Higgs

Simon Hooks

Jim Mallory Chair

Caroline Mayow

Frances Migniuolo

James Rathbone Treasurer

Maureen Russell

Ralph White

LGL Constitution Safeguarding Policy

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